Business Management

Privately held businesses facing challenging tasks and demands, usually entities with annual revenues of $3.0 million or more, should have a CFO. The presence of a CFO, even a fraction of one, can yield huge returns on investment, enable owners to improve relations with stakeholders and improve the performance of your business.

Strategic Planning

Make sure you fully understand your business — where do your profits come from; are some clients a drag on profits or do they require disproportionate amounts of attention. Where do you want to be in the short, intermediate and long-term. We can help you work through this effort.

Accounting Review

Make sure you fully understand your business and that your financial and operational reports are consistent, logical and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals.

Bank Facility Acquisition

We can assist with the acquisition of larger bank facilities to accommodate significant growth in a business — your Profit Focus CFO partner can “face off” with your banker to ensure that they are well looked after.

Banker Relations

A company’s banker is often one of their most important stakeholders in the business. His cooperation/interaction can often make a significant difference in the performance of any entity.  Have us be the translator between you and your business and your banker.