Profit Focus CFO offers all the skills and expertise that a full time CFO might offer to a large publicly traded entity. The presence of a CFO resource should enable the owners and other C-Level executives (CEO and COO) to identify exposures, to seize on opportunities and to optimize the performance of a business entity. Our skills are particularly valuable if you are looking to offer your business for sale in the near term or to acquire a new bank facility.

Business Management

Privately held businesses facing challenging tasks and demands, usually entities with annual revenues of $3.0 million or more, should have a CFO. The presence of a CFO, even a fraction of one, can yield huge returns on investment, enable owners to improve relations with stakeholders and improve the performance of your business.


Business Optimization

Privately held business with insufficient senior financial talent sometimes lack a deep understanding of the financial operations and metrics of their business. Consequently, when faced with challenges — poor results, insufficient working capital, or client challenges — can’t adequately address their issues. A high level financial resource can partner with management to address serious issues impairing the business.


Exit Support

If you are looking to exit your business in the next few years, assemble a team of trusted advisors, a lawyer experienced in trade sale transactions, a business broker, a tax consultant and a CFO resource.  A team such as this can significantly increase the likelihood of a successful transaction and through clever tactics increase the proceeds to the seller.


CFO Search and Placement

Our clients sometimes grow so large, that they need a full time resource. Who better to help with the identification and placement of a full time CFO than the high level financial resource that knows your business best.